Unveiling Deep Field: An Immersive Journey of Creativity and Connection


In a world where technology and art converge, Australian artists Tin Nguyen and Edward Cutting of Tin&Ed have crafted a groundbreaking educational experience that transcends borders and sparks imagination.

Deep Field, powered by iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, is not just an app—it’s a gateway to a new dimension of creativity and environmental consciousness. Let’s delve into the immersive world of Deep Field and discover how it’s revolutionizing the way students engage with art and nature.

Inspiration Behind Deep Field

Rooted in a deep appreciation for the natural world, Deep Field invites participants on a journey of exploration and collaboration. Tin Nguyen and Edward Cutting drew inspiration from their surroundings to create an interactive augmented reality (AR) and sonic experience that celebrates biodiversity and encourages global cocreation. Initially showcased at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney and the Getty Center in Los Angeles, Deep Field harnesses the power of technology to connect students and families worldwide through a shared vision of environmental stewardship.

Bringing Creativity to Life with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

At the heart of Deep Field lies the transformative power of iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Participants are empowered to unleash their creativity by drawing flora and fauna inspired by the natural world. With vibrant colors, shapes, and textures at their fingertips, students can let their imaginations run wild as they contribute to a global database of plant life. Thanks to the precision of Apple Pencil and the immersive capabilities of AR, their creations spring to life as 3D plant structures, weaving seamlessly into their surroundings.

A Multisensory Journey of Discovery

Deep Field isn’t just about drawing—it’s about fostering curiosity and connection. Through guided experiences and interactive sessions, participants gain new perspectives on the planet and their place within it. From ancient plant species to imagined ecosystems, Deep Field encourages students to think critically about environmental conservation and biodiversity. With the app’s UV mode, they can even experience the world through the eyes of a pollinator, gaining insights into the delicate balance of nature.

Empowering Collaboration and Learning

Tin&Ed’s multidisciplinary approach to art and technology has enabled them to create a truly immersive experience that transcends traditional boundaries. By leveraging the power of MacBook Pro, Mac Studio with M1 Ultra, and Studio Display, they’ve brought their vision to life across multiple devices. With the support of Apple’s ARKit framework and the state-of-the-art LiDAR Scanner in iPad Pro, Deep Field delivers a rich and realistic AR experience that captivates and inspires.

Embarking on a Global Journey

Following its debut in Sydney and Los Angeles, Deep Field is set to embark on a world tour, with stops in Europe and Asia. From art galleries to museums, this groundbreaking experience will continue to inspire and educate audiences around the globe. By bridging the gap between art, technology, and environmental consciousness, Deep Field is paving the way for a brighter, more connected future.


Deep Field represents a bold step forward in the realm of immersive education and environmental advocacy. With its innovative blend of art, technology, and storytelling, it’s inspiring a new generation of changemakers to explore, create, and connect in ways never before imagined. As the journey continues, Deep Field invites us all to embrace our creativity and embrace our responsibility to protect and preserve the natural world.

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