Epic Games Store Expansion: A Game Changer for Mobile Users

Epic Games Store in ios and Android os

The dominance of the App Store and Google Play Store in the realm of mobile applications(Epic Games Store) has long been undisputed.

However, their hegemony has not been without controversy, particularly surrounding the hefty commissions levied on developers, often as high as 30%. Fortunately, recent developments in Europe are set to challenge this status quo, with the impending arrival of the Epic Games Store on both iOS and Android platforms. Now’s all you require to know about this game-changing growth.

Epic Games Makes a Move


In response to a mandate from the European Union, Apple has been compelled to allow alternative app stores in Europe, paving the way for the highly anticipated launch of the Epic Games Store on iOS and Android devices. This news, confirmed by the company’s general manager, Steve Allison, marks a significant milestone in the ongoing battle for fairer app distribution practices.

A New Frontier for Mobile Users

For iOS users accustomed to the confines of the App Store, the arrival of the Epic Games Store represents a breath of fresh air. No longer bound by the limitations imposed by Apple’s ecosystem, mobile gamers and app enthusiasts will soon have access to a wider array of content and exclusive offers from Epic Games.

Epic Games Store

While the specifics of the Epic Games Store application for mobile remain shrouded in mystery, the prospect of accessing discounts and free game promotions on the go is undoubtedly enticing for consumers. With Epic Games pledging to take a significantly lower commission of 12% from sales on its mobile platform, users can expect to enjoy more competitive pricing and a greater variety of offerings compared to traditional app stores.

Navigating Criticisms and Challenges

Despite the excitement surrounding the Epic Games Store’s expansion, the company’s decision to impose a 12% commission has not been without its detractors. Some industry observers have raised concerns about the potential implications of this reduced commission rate on developers and the broader app economy.

 Epic Games Store

However, it’s essential to recognize the value proposition that Epic Games brings to the table. In addition to offering a more favorable revenue split, the company provides developers with access to the widely acclaimed Unreal Engine, a powerful and versatile tool for creating immersive gaming experiences. This added incentive further underscores the potential benefits of embracing the Epic Games Store ecosystem.

Looking Ahead: What’s Next?

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Epic Games Store on iOS and Android platforms, questions linger about the potential impact of this expansion on the broader app market. Will other developers follow suit and launch their alternative stores? How will Apple and Google respond to the changing landscape of app distribution?

 Epic Games Store

One thing is certain: the introduction of the Epic Games Store to mobile devices represents a significant step towards fostering greater competition and innovation in the app ecosystem. By challenging the dominance of established players and advocating for fairer commission structures, Epic Games is reshaping the future of mobile app distribution in Europe and beyond.


the impending launch of the Epic Games Store on iOS and Android devices heralds a new era of choice and accessibility for mobile users. With its promise of lower commissions, exclusive offerings, and enhanced developer support, the Epic Games Store is poised to become a formidable contender in the fiercely competitive world of app distribution. As the countdown to its release continues, one thing is clear: change is on the horizon, and it’s time to level up.

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