Apple’s low-cost iPhone SE 4 will likely come in 2025 and include an OLED display.

iphone SE

A claim published in The Elec suggests that by 2025, Apple plans to add an OLED display to its lineup of affordable iPhone SE models. This would align the SE with Apple’s more expensive models, as it is now the only iPhone still employing LCD technology.

iphone SE
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When it comes to overall visual quality, OLED displays outperform LCDs with brighter colors and deeper blacks. In spite of this, it appears like Apple’s primary concern is controlling the price of the iPhone SE 4. There is rumored competition between Samsung and BOE, two significant display manufacturers, to provide Apple with the new panels.

Apple might be able to keep the SE affordable despite the fact that OLED panels are typically more expensive to produce because of the fierce rivalry among suppliers. Rumored to have given the best deal, Samsung may end up with most of the orders.
Speaking of figures, it has been stated that BOE and Samsung have given quotations for the entry-level model that range from $30 to $40. Samsung is purportedly offering the lowest price at $30 per unit, while BOE has a limit of $35.

iphone SE

According to reports, Tienma, a Chinese display maker, is offering the iPhone SE 4 component at the highest price of $40. Samsung is probably going to get the majority of the orders, followed by BOE, considering its past interactions with Apple and its purportedly lowest quote.
With up to a third of the price difference between the OLED screen used in the iPhone 15 and the quotes provided by each vendor, Apple has sufficient margin for every iPhone SE 4 sold.

Apple is purportedly looking for even lower costs in the mid-20s area and has not yet decided on a production partner.

Although the precise release date is still unknown, speculation points to the iPhone SE 4 being released in 2025.

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